Guided Safaris

Guided safaris are very similar to flying safaris where I, or if I am not available, your wildlife guide accompanies you throughout your safari.  Your wildlife guide can be a naturalist that has a wide knowledge of wildlife, or you can have a specialist guide that specialises in a specific interest, eg. Birding, Photography, Fishing, etc.  Unlike your flying safari, you do not have your own private aircraft remaining with you.  We use scheduled airlines and chartered flights within each country to get to our destinations.  A guided safari is a progressive educational safari - On the start of the safari you will begin basic identification of wildlife and by the end of your safari you would have advanced onto more complex animal behaviour, interspecies and intra-species interactions.  In other words each day of your safari will add to your knowledge and experience of the previous day on safari.  Accommodation is tailor-made according to whether you prefer premier, classic, vintage, camping or a combination thereof.

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