Flying Safaris

Flying Safaris are our speciality. On this exclusive safari you have your private aeroplane that stays with you throughout your safari and a private guide. The advantages of having your own aeroplane staying with you are you are not on a rigid time schedule to arrive and depart camps, in case of any medical emergency you have an aircraft available for immediate evacuation, if you are not enjoying your stay at any particular camp it makes it easier to change your itinerary and you are not limited as much as you would on scheduled flights with luggage weight restrictions. The aircraft we use are also extremely comfortable as you have the whole aircraft to yourselves. Having your own aircraft for the duration of the safari allows for a much more relaxed atmosphere which ultimately increases the enjoyment of your safari.

The flying safari is like the guided safari insomuch as it is a progressive educational safari - On the start of the safari you will begin basic identification of wildlife and by the end of your safari you would have advanced onto more complex animal behaviour, interspecies and intra-species interactions. In other words each day of your safari will add to your knowledge and experience of the previous day on safari. Accommodation is tailor-made according to whether you prefer premier, classic, vintage, camping or a combination thereof.

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